1. The second part in a series exploring the idea of traveling through the world of the Giant to discover the untold truth about them and their conflicts with human beings.

  2. “The only great problem of cinema seems to be more and more, with each film, when and why to start a shot and when and why to end it.” – Jean-Luc Godard …really enjoying the videos from kogonada

  3. …condensing commentaries to only the most vital film information

  4. Bruno Walpoth - “Sehnsucht”. An amazing collection of wood carvings from this incredible artist. 

  5. Subtile OFFF 2013 Main Titles by From Form

  6. Artist Myeongbeom Kim 김명범 combines objects from nature with those that are man-made.

  7. Another stunner of a video directed by Fleur & Manu. They were the directors behind M83′s trilogy…

  8. Takashi Ohashi presents us the brilliant piece: KouKou. A series of abstract images synchronized to Japanese vocal sounds.

  9. 2013 Young Director’s Awards titles - using a combination of live action, 2D and 3D animation, we delve into the perspective of a young director as his mind is hit with a storm of creativity, ideas, colour and motion.

  10. "Tree #1" From the series Tree from Myou Ho Lee

  11. Color Studies”, a photography series from Sara Cwynar. 

  12. WOW.


  15. Print design aesthetic translated to motion …very well done.